Cowgar Family Adventures

Monday, April 27, 2009

I've Just Gotten LAZY!!!

Sad isn't's been more than a month since I updated this blog. This pregnancy has left me with NO energy whatsoever. The good thing is, I've only thrown up a handful of times, although I do feel nauseous almost everyday.

So...what have you missed. Luke picked up his new lens and took the floor model back. He loves it and has been taking some nice pictures, but he hasn't updated the photo blog with anything.

We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago at 7 weeks (we are 9 weeks now). We saw the heartbeat, but the doctor called later and said there was a spot of blood behind the placenta. She prescribed some folic acid...because it certainly can't hurt you, and put me on pelvic rest, which I turned it into not doing much of anything until the next appointment which is May 7th. I haven't had any bleeding or cramping though, so hopefully that's a good sign this time around. We got a picture but Luke still needs to scan it in.

Kendra, the little girl I babysit, fell off a chair at her house and buckle fractured her foot! How does that happen? She even tried walking on it, and that's how they noticed something was wrong. She has a cute pink cast on, but only for a few days. The doctor says kids heal really quick when they are this young, and she isn't even 2 yet.

We took a mini-vacation to see my grandparents in West Virginia on the 16th-20th. The girls had a blast, although the creek was too cold to play in. Chris came with us, so the guys shot some guns into the side of the hill one evening. It was nice to not have to cook or clean or worry about the girls. I'd hire grandma in a heartbeat to come 3x a week and clean my house and play with the's nice.

Luke's brother got his bees in (he bought 2 hives) We missed them going in because we had just got home from WV, but we went over last Thursday when he had to check on them to make sure the queen made it out of her little box. Luke took pictures and I ran the camcorder. It was pretty cool! If we get our land cleared enough this year, and if Jeremy's bees seem to do well, we are considering getting a couple hives to put out on the land next year.

Luke and I will have to go through all the pictures and find some to post to make up for this "lost month" I have going on. The house just seems to be falling apart and I go to bed earlier and earlier every night it seems. I can't slack much this week though, because this Sunday is Lilly's 2nd birthday party (her birthday is Saturday), so I need to get the ball rolling and get things set up and ready to go. I'm hoping to at least get one photo shoot with her (she just doesn't sit still). I made construction paper invitations Saturday for my side of the family, and everyone else is getting verbal reminders. I just fell so far behind with her birthday planning. Ugh...

Hopefully I can keep up to date a little better, but my biggest problem is falling behind with pictures, because I don't really know how to post them, so I have to wait for Luke, and he seems to be busy a bunch. I guess I could always add pictures after I post...hmmm...maybe that's what I'll do, kinda like this post!