Cowgar Family Adventures

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lazy Updates...

So a whole bunch of stuff has been going on the past month, but laziness has the reigns on us, so we haven't updated hardly anything...even facebook has been neglected.

Luke spends his days and nights working for work, and editing pictures of the wedding last month, along with a maternity and newborn session for friends of ours, plus designing save the date and birth announcement cards, and designing guestbook pages.

He will have the wedding finished this weekend, just in time to second shoot another wedding with Melanie Wright Photography, and go to the Cleveland Airshow who are featuring the Blue Angels this year! It will be Avery's first airshow :)

Last week we put our land up for sale. It's 4.656 acres close to the Ashland County border. It has a gas well that we get $100 a year for the lease, and it also has a spring on the property, along with lots of trees. We bought it 6 years ago with the intention of building, but buying a house, having kids, and a sinking economy put that dream on the backburner, along with the fact that it's another 20 minutes away from our friends and family that we barely see as it is, I think it's best to sell it and maybe buy some land closer to everyone else, and definitely over 5 acres. So, if anyone knows anyone that wants land, look ours up on Amy Marinello Realty!!

We had dinner at Jake's with friends and played at Cohan Park Saturday, and on Sunday, we went boating with Luke's parents to Famous Dave's at Cedar Point. The girls were in awe of the roller coasters, and were sad when they learned they weren't tall enough to be on them. We have lots of pictures, but they haven't even made it off the camera yet. Maybe one day...