Cowgar Family Adventures

Friday, April 16, 2010

Check Ups

On Wednesday we had Avery's 4 month checkup and Lexi's 4 year checkup! Talk about a busy day at the doctor's office. On top of that, Luke needed a blood draw while we were there to for his doctor.

Avery is doing just fine. She is a big kid! She is 17lbs 9 oz, and 25 3/4 inches tall. She got her first shot since being born, since we delay and selectively vaccinate. She took it extremely well. She cried for just a bit and fell asleep in the car and wasn't fussy or overtired or cranky or running a fever or anything!

Alexis is 35lbs and 40 3/4 inches tall. She did really well with her vision and hearing tests, and we even got her to pee in a cup before we left the visit.

The doctor's office had a survey going on for parents with kids between 2-8 years old, so I filled it out and the girls got a whale and a shark stuffed animal.

Lilly was upset that she wasn't getting checked out, and was concerned for Lexi when she went off for the hearing and vision tests. She will have her checkup on May 5th.

Luke called The Arthritis Clinic this morning about his left knee. His right knee is doing great since they drained it, and he wanted to see if they could do the left knee as well, especially since he has a shoot this weekend and a wedding next weekend. They got him in today, so right now he is getting that done!

All and all we are doing alright. I am hoping to have a yard sale next weekend while Luke is shooting a wedding. Right now I need to get the house organized, since we are supposed to have a shoot this weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Can't Wait Until Yardsale Season!

Technically, I guess it already is. There are around 10 posts in the newspaper, but the weather is so cold and pooey today, that I can't imagine having one this weekend, although the weather is supposed to be nicer. Not sure if I will have one next weekend either, because Luke has his first complete stranger session. The guy found the website and called us up. The weekend after that will be Luke's first wedding of the season. I may not get a yardsale in until May, but I'm hoping to pull something off this month, as long as the weather stays decent.

We bought the girls a swing set. We are hoping we can get it built this weekend. In the meantime, we sold one of their outside plastic toys (A Fisher Price play set with a slide) and a small Little Tikes slide and teeter totter. We have to make room for the swing set, even though it is a smaller one. I know the girls will love it when we finally get it up.

I am still de-cluttering as best as I can around here. I have run out of room to put things. All of the yardsale boxes in the foyer moved to the front porch under a tarp, so I could move stuff into the foyer from the sunroom. We then opened up the sunroom and moved the girls' toys in there so they aren't cluttering up the living room so much. The place looks a lot better after that.

We are hoping for a productive weekend. Let's hope the weather cooperates!