Cowgar Family Adventures

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Financial Update

We've been really busy catching up on photography editing, cutting tags for craft shows, and overall just plain busy with life. It seems like we never have time for anything else anymore! We've slipped on healthy eating and exercising, but one thing we've tried to stick to from the New Year is our debt payoff. As of today, we have 11.1% of our overall debt paid off (not including the house) Our goal of paying of $15,000 this year is well on track, as we are already $6500 down, and we are still waiting on taxes. **Happy Dance!!**

Hopefully with taxes, we will pay off two credit cards that we will be able to cancel and never have to worry about again. We do have one set back, and that's medical bills. Luke flew to Atlanta for work back in February, and ended up in the emergency room with a real bad stomach bug. He maxed our deductible for the year, and we've managed to pay off all the little hospital bills associated with that and other visits, but the big bill for $1800 just came in the mail today, and it looms over us... hopefully we can set up a payment plan with them.

In other news, we had told ourselves we were going to take it easy with the photography business this year... Instead we've bought new studio lighting equipment, and booked more wedding than we did last year! So much for taking it easy. On top of that, I still work part time, started up a craft business, and I'm still working through first grade with Lexi and Lilly, plus a little Pre-K with Avery. (See why we have no time?)

Nothing new has happened with the house lately. I'm already behind on starting my seeds for a garden this year, but I hope to start that process in the next week or two. We have a few plans for the backyard this year, although it wouldn't surprise me if Luke's Fieros take over all of that time. I think I may need to create a time management board that tracks nice days and what he worked on last, that way we can flip between the house, backyard, business, and cars!

Considering it's almost 1AM now, and I do have to work later today, plus gear up for a craft show that I have to wake up early for on Saturday, I best be hitting the sack! I'm hoping that with the nicer weather, and the craft business becoming more real, that I will update the blog and facebook page a lot more...