Cowgar Family Adventures

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blog Change

It's time for change! I have struggled to keep this blog up to date, often being busy or simply forgetting. Since we are in the middle of moving, my craft Facebook page is at a standstill, but there is still so much we could share, that I decided to start a new blog, for this next chapter of our lives.

Please visit to keep up with us!

Friday, January 30, 2015

New Year...New House??

So...another house update, somewhat. As of right now, we have fixed all of the issues that have come up during inspection that the buyer wanted fixed. The ball is now in his court. His lender still needs to schedule a termite inspection and another walkthrough for a re-appraisal since we fixed the inspection issues. Today was supposed to be our closing date, but with loose ends still blowing in the wind, we signed an extension, so hopefully we will close this house by mid-February.

As for our living situation, we have decided for now to shack up at my dad's house. It's a nice short term solution while we keep tucking money into savings. Right now our savings is tied up, because we actually have put an offer on a house...

That house, is a bank owned property a mile away from my dad's place. It is perfect for us, but it does need work. Enough work that it qualifies for a rehab loan. Right now we have signed an offer for the place, and they just need to accept and our house needs to be officially closed on for us to proceed. One main problem is that the rehab house may not appraise for what the seller is asking for it, but that's a bridge we will burn if we make it that far. Right now this house just needs sold. Hopefully we will know more early next week...