Cowgar Family Adventures

Friday, December 10, 2010

October Road Trips

October was filled with road trips. We left our dining room in shambles to spend a weekend in West Virginia with my grandparents (the girls' Nana and Papaw). We also drove out to Chicago for Luke's best friend's wedding. He joined the Navy and went out to Chicago in July, so that is the first we had seen him since then. The girls do very well in the car, and although they were both short trips, we had loads of fun. The girls actually stayed in West Virginia a week before we went down to visit, so we only had Avery while we worked on the house. It just happened to coincide with my grandma's side of the family getting together at the family cabin in WV, so there was a lot of family members that I hadn't seen for a long while that were there. I hope we get to do that more often!

The bridge to West Virginia on 77 in Marietta

Athena sniffing out the back window. She had a comfy ride down since we didn't have Lexi or Lilly in the car.

Avery ready for a walk. It was her first trip to Nana and Papaw's.

We started fishing in the creek to catch minnows and crawdads

Nana brought out the nets

Papaw had a nap on the porch

Avery decided to nap as well:)

We could take pictures all day of butterflies on their flowers

We visited Hunter's house to play on the trampoline

Avery eating a pea

Lilly and Lexi helping in the kitchen

Papaw showing the girls how to mix a drink up at the cabin..LOL

Avery and Mo

Papaw in his natural state

Papaw doing what he does best

Great Aunt Shirley with the girls and I

Lexi and Lilly munching at the cabin

The old Lawson house up on Spruce

A short walk and Avery was out!

So Lexi walked Mo instead

Party at the cabin

The Schartiger Clan

On our way to Chicago!!!

The girls being silly in the backseat

Avery sleeping in her carseat

The odd and awesome things we see on the highway

Pit Stop

The scary hand dryer

Half-way through Indiana, right outside Notre Dame

I seem to always take pictures of water towers

The highway going by Chicago O'Hare is a great opportunity to see an airplane!

Traffic going the other direction was INSANE!! I don't know how city people commute like that.

The girls in front of Lake Michigan where we took Sean and Rachel for wedding pictures

Sean's brother taking a picture.

A tunnel

My powershot battery died on the way home, and Luke's camera was in the trunk, so I took Chicago shots from the highway on my cell phone...

Chicago from the car

More sights to see

and of course, a choo choo!!

Welcome to September....

We had lots going in September. An EF2 tornado blew through the OARDC on our 5 year anniversary on September 16th. We had a family reunion on Luke's mother's side of the family, and we also had a pipe that went to Chris' shower upstairs blow out, causing us to rip out half the dining room ceiling and replace all the supply copper to his bathroom and kitchen. Oh what fun...

The road was blocked the day after, we couldn't get near the OARDC.

Damage in front of the OARDC with cleanup crews.

They had several greenhouses get completely totaled!

Tree damage along a road.

Trees seen from the highway that were part of the OARDC's arboretum.

Avery and I at the Caldwell/Oswald family reunion

Aunt Angie singing with the band.

The entire clan that gathered for the day!

Luke getting into the ceiling demo.

Cutting away at some old pipes...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Quick Update

We've had lots going on. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Avery's birthday party, and some weddings. I still need to get pictures up from our Chicago trip. Things have just been hectic. On top of that, I started back to work part-time at the end of October, so that leaves even less time for Luke and I to sit down and get pictures bloggged, and he has 2 weddings to edit as well. To see the sneak peeks of the weddings, they are on Willow's Pond Photography's Facebook page here: WPP Facebook

Hopefully we can catch up soon, just letting everyone know we are still here :)