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Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome to September....

We had lots going in September. An EF2 tornado blew through the OARDC on our 5 year anniversary on September 16th. We had a family reunion on Luke's mother's side of the family, and we also had a pipe that went to Chris' shower upstairs blow out, causing us to rip out half the dining room ceiling and replace all the supply copper to his bathroom and kitchen. Oh what fun...

The road was blocked the day after, we couldn't get near the OARDC.

Damage in front of the OARDC with cleanup crews.

They had several greenhouses get completely totaled!

Tree damage along a road.

Trees seen from the highway that were part of the OARDC's arboretum.

Avery and I at the Caldwell/Oswald family reunion

Aunt Angie singing with the band.

The entire clan that gathered for the day!

Luke getting into the ceiling demo.

Cutting away at some old pipes...

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