Cowgar Family Adventures

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Baby, Some Play Time, and a Boat Ride

We had some exciting times in August. Our good friends Keith and Angel had their second boy, baby Braylen, we caught up with some old friends at Jake's, and played at the park, and we went boating twice with Luke's parents. The second time we ate at Famous Dave's at Cedar Point. The girls LOVED seeing the roller coasters. I can't wait until they are tall enough to ride them. Luke and I have been together for a little over 8 years, and we haven't made it there to ride the rides at all. One day we'll get there.

Baby Braylen

Avery playing in a container at the hospital

Big brother Kaden giving Braylen a kiss with me and their grandma

Playing at the park with friends

Avery's first big swing ride

The girls with Papa Cowgar on the boat, with Bernie in the way!

Cedar Point

Do you see the look of fear on their faces? ;)

Pirate ships

The local wildlife on Lake Erie

Avery in her life jacket. Her first boat ride

Luke with Lexi and Lilly. It was Lilly's first boat ride too.

Papa Cowgar with Avery

Summer Fun

Here's a few miscellaneous shots over the summer. We had Chris's birthday and mine as well in July. Lots of days of playing outside. The girls spent a weekend in West Virginia, and we enjoyed Wooster's Italian Festival downtown on the square...

Chris turned 30 in July, hence the over the hill candle :)

Anne, Lexi, and Lilly riding a donkey with Aunt Crystal supervising

Avery at Ryan's in her Superman bib

Papaw and Avery at Applebee's in Marietta for my birthday

Lexi and Lilly playing on the slide of their new swingset

Lilly with a blue tongue after eating blue ice cream from Wooster's Italian Fest

And here is Lexi's tongue

Avery missed out on the ice cream, she was too tired.

Slow Updates...Finally... 4th of July!

We went to Orrville's fair on a separate day instead of the same day as the fireworks. A lot less crowd, and we didn't go into town for fireworks this year since we had Avery. The girls had loads of on the rides. We parked outside of town between Orrville and Burton City on Forrer Road to watch the fireworks from a distance. It was nice not dealing with traffic!

Lexi and Lilly having fun on the cars

Avery not happy with the noise

Luke high in the air with Lexi and Lilly

Look at us being daredevils :)

Hanging out at Grandpa Perkins' house before the fireworks


Another boom!