Cowgar Family Adventures

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dancing with the kids!

Luke got out some of the lights he had from when he was a rock star and we turned our dining room into a club. It's amazing how fast Lexi picks up on lyrics, she's singing along with Blink! I guess we should start watching what we put on the speakers....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Vacation for Lexi and Lilly

On June 9th we met Nana and Papaw and Grandma Perkins in Marietta Ohio at McDonald's. We had a late lunch there and Lexi and Lilly went with Nana and Papaw back to West Virginia for a few days, while we brought Grandma Perkins back up to Ohio. The girls had a blast walking the hills and wading the creek catching crawdad's and minnows, and even played in the rain a bit.

Chelsea's car needed brake work, so Luke spent awhile working on her car, and we also had cousin Liz's senior shoot in Burton City while they were gone.

It slowly gets easier to let them go down for a few days, and it was nice because both of them talked with us on the phone every evening. When they went down in February we couldn't get them to talk to us much at all. I think we may do this again the end of July, we will have to see.

Nana with Lexi and Avery

Papaw with Lilly and Grandma Perkins

Luke eating a nasty double cheeseburger

Lexi and Lilly all strapped in for the rest of the trip to WV

Luke and his new toy, a 2TB hard drive

Holly and Avery watching Luke work on a car

Getting dirty

Avery being cute

Lexi and Lilly coming back home from WV

Memorial Day

Better late than never! We spent the day at Mama and Papa Cowgar's house.

Cousin Samantha in the pool

Cousin Daleen getting ready to snorkel

Cousin Anne having fun

Papa Cowgar is oblivious that Mama Cowgar is getting eaten by the pool shark

Cousin Claire and Aunt Crystal


Papa Cowgar being ornery, depth charging Mama Cowgar

Papa Cowgar and Bernie

Aunt Crystal and Uncle Jeremy fighting over a ball. Aunt Crystal won!

Holly and Avery

Uncle Jeremy pushing Alexis

Lilly being thoughtful


Mama Cowgar and cousin Daleen playing Marco Polo

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jesse's High School Graduation

On Sunday, May 30th, 2010, my brother graduated high school from the Orrville City School District! It makes me feel old just typing that out. He's been waiting for this day for years. I have no idea what he is going to do with life now that school is finished, but here is his day. I was only in the direct sun for an hour and half with some sunscreen, and got some nice splotchy sunburn on my shoulders! Grr.

Jesse walking down the track towards the seating area

My English teacher (in the white) who was also Dad's teacher, was retiring after 36 years!

Senior Choir members

Jesse receiving his diploma (it's blurry, I know!)

Jesse walking away, freedom in hand

Turning the tassel

Standing on the football field singing "OHS Forever"

The hat toss

Jesse and his diploma

Dad, Mom, Jesse, Grandma (Nana), and Grandpa (Papaw)

Holly and Jesse

Cousins Emily and Ed Jr. with Jesse

Papaw back at Dad's with Lexi and Lilly

Papaw on the ground with Avery

Avery got upset

Grandpa Perkins helping Lexi and Lilly fill the kiddie pool

Suki, Luke's dog at Dad's place.

Nick with Rock, Dad's dog

Jesse's quilt that Nana and Papaw made him from his old t-shirts

Jayden being adorable

Jayden wanted to try on Dad's sunglasses

He was one cool baby!

The family at Jesse's party

Jayden and Nick

Jayden tipping back a cold one! LOL

Nick, Papaw, and Lilly

Jesse's cake

Cousin Elizabeth's cake. She graduated from her online homeschooling program this year also.

Lexi and Lilly enjoying some cake

Jesse and his cash he made out with. He bought himself a new computer

Aunt Taresa and Lilly

Cousin Taz had a long day

So did her brother LaDarius

Papaw and Avery