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Monday, June 7, 2010

Florida Shuttle Vacation Part 3

Sunday we packed up and hit the road by 10:15AM. We made a couple potty/gas stops along the way, and by 6:30PM we were in Charlotte North Caroline, our midway point. We stopped at a Quality Inn, a much nicer hotel than what we had in Daytona Beach, (and the internet worked!) and called in a nice dinner from Chili’s, and ate and watched Nick Jr. on TV. It was stormy out, so we got to bed early.

Monday morning we had a continental breakfast and started our journey once more. It was fairly uneventful. We had some fog up in the Virginia mountains, and some rain here and there, but we were home by 6PM. The girls did really well on the drive. Sadly though, we returned to the weather we had left in Ohio. Cloudy, poopy weather!

The girls, strapped in and ready to go home

Leaving Daytona Beach

Georgia has a Peach complex. It's true!

And they have El Cheapo gas!!!!

South Carolina and it's potted palm trees

Luke and the girls at a rest stop, just minutes before we got dumped on by rain

North Carolina in action!

Our Quality Inn hotel in Charlotte. Much nicer than the other place.

We've never felt so welcome in Virginia.

Going through a tunnel. The girls thought it was cool to go under a mountain.

West Virginia, a familiar state

The West Virginia Capitol building with it's gold dome

Avery taking a turn behind the wheel

Welcome to Ohio. Sorry you can't read the sign through the rain... Welcome home, eh?

Almost home!

Our genius dog. So excited to see us that she fell off the stairs running toward us.

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