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Monday, June 7, 2010

Shooting Day 2010

Our Saturday on Memorial Day weekend was spent at my Aunt and Uncle's place. Since my brother was graduating high school, they stayed up here instead of going to grandma's in West Virginia, since grandma and grandpa (Nana and Papaw) were coming up for the graduation. We all had a blast just hanging out with family and friends for the day!

Marlin, the baby racoon found in the barn.

The shooting range

The guns Chris and Luke brought

Grandpa, Cody, and Angela taking some shots

Luke, with Josh and Chris in the background

Lexi trying out a BB Gun for the first time

Lilly trying out a BB Gun for the first time as well

Nikki taking a shot

Uncle Rob grilling some deer quarters and pork loin

Start of the entire gun collection. I think we counted 37 in all.

More guns.

and more...

and some more...

almost there...

Finally the end of the gun tables.

Grandma Perkins and Avery

Jayden climbed into the raccoon cage and got stuck!

Nana and Avery

Grandpa Perkins and Avery. He came for the food, he was busy setting up for Jesse's Graduation Party the next day!

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