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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Florida Shuttle Vacation Part 1

On Tuesday, May 11th, Luke picked up our rental van from Enterprise. A silver Dodge Caravan. I had Kendra and Kaden all day as well as packing everything we would need for Florida. Luke took a nap for about an hour and half that evening, and at 10PM we were all loaded into the car and starting the drive to Florida which is roughly 16 hours!! The girls did fabulous sleeping in the car. We stopped about 3ish in Virginia for gas and they woke up for a bit before falling back asleep.

Wednesday morning we stopped at a Waffle House in Orangeburg South Carolina. It was one of the ickiest restaurants we have ever been in! Lexi loved her waffle, but Luke's omelet on top of little sleep left him feeling a little sick, so I drove for a little while so he could catch a nap and just rest.

We arrived in Daytona Beach where out hotel was about 3PM on Wednesday. For a $50 a night extended stay hotel, it was just what we were expecting...maybe a bit less actually. It served its purpose, but we won't be staying there again! The wireless internet wouldn’t even work in our room, we had to drive the van to another part of the parking lot to connect to it!! We decided to hit the beach really quick that evening, since me and the girls had never been to the ocean. We actually drove the van out onto the beach for parking, and got stuck a little bit in the sand. The girls were in awe though, it really was an awesome sight. We went back to the hotel, exhausted and covered in sand.

Thursday we ventured down to the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne. It was a nice little zoo, but our zoos up here were a lot better. We had only brought our little umbrella stroller for Avery, so we rented a zoo double stroller for Lexi and Lilly so they didn't get so tired. They had a little train that we took a ride on, and one of their macaws had apparently not had his wings clipped as much as needed and got himself over onto the walkway hand rail and was trying to make an escape as we walked by. A zoo volunteer was trying to block him, but I joked with Luke that the bird was going to eat us all :) The girls enjoyed seeing the animals though, they always love going to a zoo.

Later that day, we checked out Space View Park to see what the launchpad looked like from there. Unfortunately, you can't see the shuttle, but it was cool anyway.

Here is a ton of pictures from those two days...

Lilly and Lexi ready to leave.

Avery was ready too.

A couple hours into the drive. They finally fell asleep!

The nasty Waffle House!

Lexi and Lilly sampling the orange juice at the Florida Welcome Center.

Avery on the beach after we dropped our stuff off at the hotel.

Lexi on the beach

Here we all are!

Avery on the beach

Lilly playing in the sand

Welcome to the Brevard Zoo!

Daddy and the girls.

Lilly facing off with an Emu.

Mommy bird and baby snuggling.

A Turkey Vulture.

This little deer loved to lick your hands.

Bald Eagle

Grey Fox


Lilly just being herself.

Red Tailed Hawk

Avery being so good in her stroller.

Every zoo has a camel!

A bunny. It never fails that a rabbit will get into an enclosure at the zoo, and everyone goes "Oh, look at the bunny!!" That darn thing got more attention than the animals there!

The macaw that tried to eat us.

See that beak! We were goners!! :)

A cute baby duck that I missed since Avery was sleeping and strollers weren't allowed in there.

Another macaw.

Lilly facing off with a stingray.

Another stingray. They liked to wave at us.

The launchpad from Space View Park.

A close-up crop of the last picture. Notice you can't see a darn thing!

The VAB from Space View Park.

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  1. Love the pics! Looks like alot of fun! Ive been there to the space center and daytona when I was little.