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Friday, April 9, 2010

I Can't Wait Until Yardsale Season!

Technically, I guess it already is. There are around 10 posts in the newspaper, but the weather is so cold and pooey today, that I can't imagine having one this weekend, although the weather is supposed to be nicer. Not sure if I will have one next weekend either, because Luke has his first complete stranger session. The guy found the website and called us up. The weekend after that will be Luke's first wedding of the season. I may not get a yardsale in until May, but I'm hoping to pull something off this month, as long as the weather stays decent.

We bought the girls a swing set. We are hoping we can get it built this weekend. In the meantime, we sold one of their outside plastic toys (A Fisher Price play set with a slide) and a small Little Tikes slide and teeter totter. We have to make room for the swing set, even though it is a smaller one. I know the girls will love it when we finally get it up.

I am still de-cluttering as best as I can around here. I have run out of room to put things. All of the yardsale boxes in the foyer moved to the front porch under a tarp, so I could move stuff into the foyer from the sunroom. We then opened up the sunroom and moved the girls' toys in there so they aren't cluttering up the living room so much. The place looks a lot better after that.

We are hoping for a productive weekend. Let's hope the weather cooperates!

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