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Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Days Are Ahead

First of all, Luke is doing great. His knees feel fine, they look almost normal now. He will still be on blood thinners until May, but hopefully his problems are behind us now. He is taking pictures of his sister's band tonight.

Tomorrow we have my cousin's birthday party, then Sunday we have an early Easter dinner with the Cowgar side.

We still need to take Avery's 3 month pictures, and take Lilly's 3 year pictures so we can order invitations for her birthday in May.

We sent away for a vendor's license, so the photography business is almost completely legal to operate. Luke has a wedding in April, and we need to figure out some advertising ideas for the business, especially since next years seniors will be looking for photographers soon.

I have a foyer full of boxes waiting for yardsale season. We have lots of other miscellaneous things around the house that need listed on eBay or craigslist. We are hoping to get rid of a few of the girls outdoor toys to make room for a swingset we will buy in April. It will be a big joint birthday present for the girls. Nothing too fancy, just a basic metal swingset with 3 swings and a slide.

We actually had snow on the ground this morning. A few inches it looked like. It's all gone now, but it's amazing to see after having 60 degree days last week. Hopefully that was Winter's one last stab and from now on Spring will move forward.

We got our Netflix disk in today for streaming on the Wii. It's pretty awesome, and Lexi has already figured out how to use it. It's great, because we won't have to pull the laptop out here for them anymore, we can access it right on the TV.

We had our first order for senior graduation party announcements. They turned out really nice. I think Luke's main focus may be seniors. We had 8 sessions in a matter of months last year just by word of mouth. We redesigned the website some and his portfolio prices are still good until July 31st, so we'll see how it goes.

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