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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luke's Knee!

So, Luke's leg started swelling a little bit over the weekend, so he gave the arthritis clinic a call on Monday to let them know. They asked if he was available Tuesday morning, and they would just go ahead and drain his knee.

On Tuesday he goes in at 10:45AM, while leaving me with our 3 girls, plus I had Kendra and Kaden all day. He was gone for over an hour, but called and said everything went great. They drained his right knee and pulled out over 60ml of water, and they gave him a cortisone shot.

Today, his knees feel like a million bucks! Hopefully this continues, but they said if he has any problems with his left knee, they would drain it too, they just didn't want to do both in case he had a bad reaction, then he wouldn't be able to walk.

Hopefully his medical troubles are behind us now. We've certainly hit our medical deductible for the year already! I'd like to focus on getting things cleaned up from winter.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so we may head outside for a bit in the evening. We need to survey the damage on our gutters from the snow and ice over the winter. It looks like they have some bent and broken spots. We also have lots of small twigs all over the yard I need to gather up and hopefully burn, in our small firepit that I'm sure is breaking 20 city ordinance laws here in town :)

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