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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lexi's Birthday Weekend

On Saturday, Alexis turned 4 years old. On Sunday, we had her party, and I actually got Luke to do pictures for the blog! Now if I can only tie him down so we can put up a bunch of randoms over the past few months.

Lexi had a blast, she got lots of Disney Princess and Spongebob, a Melissa and Doug dollhouse, lots of Auto B Good DVD's, crayons, art sets, play-doh, and of course clothes. Thank you to everyone that could join us! She made out with $45, so that combined with whatever Lilly gets, will buy them a swingset as a joint present, and we will make up the difference, and I think Nana and Papaw want to help out with it too. Hopefully we can get it next month as long as the weather stays on the path to warming up.

She wanted a Spongebob cake this year.

An Ariel Barbie Doll

Spongebob DVD

A Bambi Book

Her Melissa and Doug Portable Dollhouse

Lexi and Lilly goofing off.

I was trying to get them to hug each other. Silly girls!

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  1. Love the photos of the girls, they look like they have grown a lot since i had them in Feb. They are so darling. love Nana