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Monday, May 4, 2009

Well-Baby Checkups

Obviously, I still don't have pictures posted (blame it on Luke). We've been busy this past week though, getting ready for Lilly's party and a photo shoot. Both went really well, I will post those in separate blog entries.

Lilly had her 2 year checkup today. I had Kendra as well, so we had to borrow Chelsea's carseat and shove all 3 in the back of the car. We had so many stares at the doctor's office, like no one has ever seen a blended family before?? or parents with multiple toddlers?? Whatever though...people can think what they want. At least no one asked if they were twins (or We've had people ask us if Kendra and Lilly were twins once...and we get it all the time with Lexi and Lilly. Maybe they were just staring at Kendra's foot though, she still has her pink cast on until the 18th, just to make sure everything healed correctly.

Lexi had her 3 year checkup on April 4th, so their stats are exactly 1 year and 1 month apart in age. Lexi at 3, weighed 31 pounds, and was 38 inches tall. Lilly at 2, weighed 32.25 pounds, and was 35 inches tall. So they have a 3 inch difference in height for being 14 months apart, but Lilly weighs a pound and a quarter more than Lexi.

They both look just perfect according to the pediatrician, and are up-to-date on our delayed vaccination schedule. Lilly won't need another shot for 2 years and Lexi will get her first MMR next year at 4...unless my mind changes in the next year.

The girls will both go to the doctor's now for an annual checkup, and we will not have to see the pediatrician again until November for this new little one, unless we have a serious illness or injury with either of them.


  1. Ooh! New layout. Very nice : )

  2. Sorry that we lost touch. Do you remember Paula and Dennis from the many Fiero shows that you once attended. See that you have been busy raising a lovely family and can understand that Fieros are on hold for now. Have tried to contact you but the old email address that I have for Luke doesn't seem to work anymore.
    Enjoy your children and family for now is the best time of your life. May the good Lord be with you.
    Dennis- Hillsborough, NJ