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Monday, July 20, 2009

My Best Friend!

On July 9th, we met up with my bestest bud Diane, and her son Miles at our local Applebee's. Chelsea and Kendra also came, seeing as we all went to school together, and had kids the same age and all.

I hadn't seen her since Lexi was little, and I had never seen her son...only in pictures, so it was fun to go out to eat, then we hit Cohan Park here in town, which is just the right size for little kids like ours to play on.

She is in the Air Force, and stationed out West (I won't disclose her location ;) ) I miss her lots, and can't wait until she moves closer!

Pictures to come soon...

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  1. Ooh, pictures! I had a good time and can't wait to be closer!