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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas...again, and again, and again!

Where to start. This holiday has come over and over again it seems. The weekend before Christmas, Nana and Papaw came up to visit and see Avery for the first time. That brought lots of presents. Then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's, since that is where Nana and Papaw stayed. Bring out even more presents.

Christmas Eve my family does a gift exchange, but they decided to do it at 8PM since people were working. We were not staying out that late, so we dropped our gifts off at my dad's so he could take them. Chelsea stopped out though, on her way to family over here in Wooster. That's a few more presents, since we exchange gifts, seeing as I watch Kendra and all.

Christmas Day...obviously presents. The girls got bikes from us, so Moon Sand, art stuff, car stuff, and a TV microscope that they are probably a bit small for still. We packed up and went to dad's, since mom was showing up. So we get PJ's and ponies and play-doh and then gift exchange gifts. We eat the family lunch and head home for the day.

Boxing Day we spend on Luke's side since it fell on a Saturday, everyone could show up and Christmas was less hectic for everyone. Even more presents. Arts and crafts stuff, baby dolls, clothes, and much more. Luke's mom found left handed scissors and can opener, since Luke told her I complain about the right handed stuff in this house. I tried that can opener the other day, and it feels quite odd to use it after using a right handed one for my whole life.

The Sunday after we stuck at home and tried to clean up the piles of cardboard and gift paper (recycling them of course), but Keith and Angel stopped by with Kaden, so we could gift exchange. more round of presents. They announced that they are expecting again...should be early this fall sometime!

I think if we wouldn't have just had a baby, the gifts may have been a little less, because Avery got a compilation of Christmas and just being born gifts.

I have pictures galore to go through before I can tell Luke which ones need resized and put up for the blog, so bear with me. Just wanted to update and hope everyone had a good holiday. We certainly did.

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  1. I'm glad to see you guys are doing well!
    Love you!