Cowgar Family Adventures

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So Much for a Play by Play...

Darn wireless internet, we couldn't figure out how to get it to work until now. Now for the birth story...

We arrived right on time at 8PM, and got put on an IV drip and the monitors, just to see what baby was up to. At 9PM pitocin was started on the lowest dose, and Dr. Laing came in to break my water. I was measuring at 3cm and about 70%. We got hooked up to the wireless gadgets so we could walk around, and made it a total of 3-4 laps before I needed to be in the room. Emotionally I was not ready whatsoever to go on with the induction. I decided I should do a nubain shot at 11PM, and I was check and at a 5 and about 80% effaced. I sat in bed because I felt loopy in between contractions, but it didn't do very much for the pain. By this time, I was seriously contemplating an epidural, and had asked the nurse tons of questions about it. I could have up to 4 nubain shots before they would suggest an epidural for pain, and would you believe it takes that guy a half hour to get here after you call for one? That's crazy! I decided I should try one more nubain shot, because a needle to the back terrifies me, so at midnight I had my second shot, and I was at a 7-8 and 90%. About 10 minutes til 1AM I started feeling like I needed to push with each contraction. I was an 8-9 and fully effaced, and the crash carts were set up and the bed was moved around. I had been shaking uncontrollably for awhile, and by the time the doctor sat on the bed, I was pushing out a baby while the other nurse was calling for an assistant nurse. I had 2 big sets of pushes and out came Avery at 1:11AM. She weighed a whopping 8lbs 15 1/2 ounces, and is 21 inches long. She had a little bit of a purple face, from bruising, and I needed 2 stitches (which I received without a pain medication shot) and so far we are doing well.

I had a little more bleeding than they would like, and so far she is not nursing at all, but eating well from the little bottles of similac they have here. Right now we are just hanging out, waiting for visitors and taking naps. Here are a few pics that Luke also has up on facebook...


  1. Wow she realy took the eviction notice seriously.Love the pictures,The two of you have a beautifull Daughter.

  2. Holly,
    Glad you did well, and she is beautiful, her sisters will love her and she is big enough so they wont hurt her when they want to hug her, i figured 8 lbs or more but not almost 9, anyway just glad it is done so mend fast and get home soon and take it easy when you do, love and hugs Nana

  3. Finally home and seeing the news. Congratulations Holly and Luke! I'm glad all went relatively well and am so excited to finally see this baby get here :) She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing her with us!

  4. She's beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  5. GREAT job Holly! God continues to bless our family with beautiful Cowgar Girls! I cannot wait to meet my new niece. Keep the pictures coming little Poppa! Love, Aunt Lu and Uncle Serg. :-)