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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas...again and again and again.

Well I missed work this week because of dry heaving and throwing up a lot. I couldn’t eat much, so I got dizzy really easily. Monday I worked 2 ½ hours and management sent me home because I looked like I was dying. I called off Tuesday and Wednesday, because the dry heaving just wasn’t letting up. I even dry heaved a few times Christmas Day, but I’ve been okay now, just feeling a little weak.

The girls had a great time with the holidays. Christmas Eve we went to my Dad’s and they opened gifts. Lilly doesn’t care about opening them, but Lexi loved to open hers and Lilly’s. They got a lot of play food from my Dad and their Nana and Papaw (on Sunday) for their kitchen sets.

Christmas Day we went to Luke’s brother’s house (they were supposed to have that new baby by now, so it was more convenient for them). We got some nice organization bags for toys, an art set, and some other toys from everyone.

On Boxing Day we went to my Mom’s place. She made a turkey and the girls got some socks, gloves, and an outfit. Her and her boyfriend also got them a little wooden table with chairs (very country-ish). Then we came home to start organizing toys in the living room.

Today I worked 11am-3pm. No one said anything to me about missing a few days. I went about my normal business and helped condense batter stack outs, since all the Christmas shelving was being torn down to make way for patio furniture. For now I think I will stick with the job. My schedule next week only consists of one night, for a total of 4 hours, so that’s not too bad…lol. Cutting hours is big after Christmas, so I probably won’t be working too much the next couple months. I changed by availability so I will not be working Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays. That gives Luke some consistent days off to schedule picture shoots if need be.

Below are a few shots from our various Christmas celebrations this week.

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