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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Declutter/Organize Project 1: Living Room and Bedroom

The living room will be my first project room. The sunroom right off of the living room is just way too cold to use in the winter. That is where all of the girls' toys were, and now they are all over the living room, so I must make do until spring hits. My plan is to go through the toys, and get them placed in the toy box and other bags and bins we have. Our end table is cluttered with Dr. Pepper cans and paper, and the fireplace mantel is covered with miscellaneous clutter. I will give myself until the weekend after New Year's Day to get it cleaned, since we will be packing up the Christmas stuff the day after New Year's, so that will free up some space in the living room as well.

Along with the living room, I may sporadically start organizing the bedroom as well. Right now it is a catchall, and a disaster from hoarding presents for months. Eventually the room will be painted (hopefully this summer), so the walls are mostly bare, and need some drywall mud applied. The door behind the crib will get taken out this summer too, as it goes to the foyer, and isn't needed in the bedroom. I bought a couple containers to help organize the bedroom. I have crafty/scrap booking supplies, and a bunch of school supplies for the girls, so this room will start being transformed as well once I start with the living room. I am hoping to have the bedroom completed by January 10th, so the living room will be done by then and I can focus primarily on the bedroom.

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