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Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeling Anxious

The weekend was fabulous! We went shopping Saturday afternoon up in Wadsworth. We said our final good-bye to K-Mart, there doors closed for customers on Sunday, but Chris still has a couple weeks of tearing down the store before he is out of a job. It is sad, but he is off to greener pastures...anything has got to be better than K-Mart/Wal-Mart retail! That evening was cousin Nick's 16th birthday party! He made out with some cash, some band t-shirts, and a new bass and bass case, so he was very happy. He hung out in his van before the party and started it up for everyone that pulled in. I believe he started his driver's ed courses today!

Sunday was Mother's Day, so we headed up to Luke's parents and the girls made salad and spaghetti and chocolate mayonnaise cake. I don't really think the mother's got much of a break though, since the guys were busy talking aviation as usual. Luke tried to help, but didn't know what to do, and his dad did cook a few mushrooms.

We started Avery on "solid" foods today. She had a few bites of sweet peas for lunch and dinner. I can't believe he is ready for real food already. I don't think we started Lexi or Lilly until 6-7 months, but I just can't eat anywhere near Avery without her staring and reaching and opening her mouth. She did pretty well with it. I also picked up some carrots and bananas to try with her, and I have applesauce. The farmer's market will start in June, the perfect time to start buying things and making my own babyfood.

So here I sit, tomorrow this time I will be getting the girls out of their bath and ready for bed while Luke is trying to nap before we leave for Florida. I have us half packed, and will finish tomorrow once the laundry is done. I have an entire dufflebag of just snacks. We are hoping to pack our lunch and only eat out breakfast on Wednesday morning (our first stop) and maybe go out to dinner as a family one evening in Florida sometime. Every other time we will be packing food. We have lots of snacks, and we are bringing bread and PB & J, and our hotel will have a fridge and a cooktop and microwave, so we should be set for being able to eat in and not spend money eating out! I better continue... it's about time for the girls to get to bed. Then maybe relax with a movie for a bit to take my mind of off being nervous about this trip.

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