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Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

Lots of things going on. Luke photographed a wedding on April 24th. Lori, a friend from when I worked at Lowe's, was his second shooter, and his mom also took some pictures. Overall it went really well, and he has lots of editing to do.

His brother's wife's family had pictures taken last Friday, so he also has those to work on, so he is keeping plenty busy. To top it off, we had a wedding consultation for his sister's husband's sister on Saturday. She is getting married at a gorgeous restaurant in December, and that wedding should be a blast!

We had Lilly's party yesterday on her birthday. She is now a big 3!! She goes for her checkup on Wednesday, so we shall see how big she really is. She received lots of clothing and toys, and we had a lot of fun with family. Hopefully no one is stopped up today. We went through 4 pounds of cheese cubes!! Apparently both families love cheese.

We have a full weekend coming up with Nick's 16th birthday and Mother's Day, then it's time to start packing!!

Why you may be asking????

Because as long as the weather holds out, we will be witnessing Atlantis blasting off from Kennedy Space Center on May 14th!!! We bought tickets for viewing it from the Kennedy Space Complex, which is about 8 miles from the pad (with no clear view of the pad). The causeway was sold out by the time we were picked in the lottery to purchase tickets. Now the tickets are going for hundreds of dollars on eBay!! Anyways, we plan on renting a minivan Tuesday evening, and leaving about midnight. Hopefully the girls sleep decently and we can get in 8-9 hours of driving time before they wake up for breakfast. We will stop for breakfast and stretch, then continue for another 4-5 hours, since we know the girls can pull that off from our trips to West Virginia. We will then stop again for a bit, and hopefully be able to pull off another 4-5 hours and make it to Daytona Beach by Wednesday night. As long as the Kennedy Space Center is having its tours on Thursday (day before launch), we will use our ticket to get in and check out the museum and tour (the ticket is good for 2 days, and the tour takes you close to the launchpad). Then we will probably check out Titusville and Space View Park, and get some pictures of the shuttle on the pad from 12 miles out. Friday is launch day, so we will be at the museum again and hopefully the launch goes off without a problem. We also hope to hit the beach, since I have never been to the ocean before, and if all of that goes well, then Saturday will be a free day, and we may hit the Brevard Zoo or find something else to do, then we will start heading home Sunday morning. We'll drive as far as we can, and find a hotel to stop at overnight, and get home Monday evening to return the car and get back to life. That's the plan anyways...we will see how well we can stick to it. It all depends on the shuttle and the weather.

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