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Monday, January 18, 2010

Health Check

Avery’s one month checkup went great. She gained 4 pounds (she is now 12lbs 15.5oz) and gained 2 ¾ inches (up to 23 3/4in). We don’t have to take her back until she is 2 months old.

We are all a bit sickly here. No fevers or anything, but our noses are runny/stuffy, and my head has been hurting. Nothing we can’t handle, just trying to take it easy as much as possible.

In other news, I hate eBay. Luke sold a lens and a camera kit. He agreed to ship out of the country, so the lens was paid for and shipped to China, and now it looks like the guy is trying to take us for a ride saying it wasn’t as described. The part that stinks is that it is cheaper to just give him a partial refund, then to have him ship it back. We know that the problem he is saying doesn’t exist, and we have high resolution pictures of the lens showing the areas he is talking about, and there is nothing there. Luke will probably just give him a partial refund, so his eBay record doesn’t get tarnished, but I hope Karma bites this guy for taking away money from someone else. The camera kit, on the other hand, hasn’t even been paid for yet, and the guy only has 1 day left to do it. Not how I wanted to start paying off debt in the new year. We have a couple more things that would probably sell faster on eBay, so we will continue to use them for now, but their fees, along with paypal’s fees are so ridiculous!

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