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Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Selling The Farm...

OK, not really, since I don't even have a farm. Another 2010 goal of mine is to PURGE this house. De-clutter as much as possible. At the same time, I am taking all of these purged items, and either boxing them up for a yardsale, or if I think I may be able to get rid of them quicker on craigslist, then list the items on there right now. I am swamped with baby clothes, toddler clothes, toys, home decor, and many other miscellaneous items. I've actually thought about making a list of things for people not to buy the girls for birthdays and Christmas, because we have too much of some things, like 3T shirts, or baby dolls. When we moved into this house 5 years ago, we had only our bedrooms to move into the entire downstairs, along with some misc. containers from the basement from our childhood years. Now we have expanded to an office upstairs, and we are bursting at the seams. I feel that my house is very UN-inviting to people, and therefore we don't get many visitors. (It doesn't help that the house is a construction zone as well)

So, right now I have a list going of things, and as they sell, I will write them on a spreadsheet with the price they went for. The spreadsheet is hanging on our bedroom door next to a big chart listing out our credit card debt totals, and I hope that this will motivate us to sell more and put that money towards the debt. We need to learn to live with less, because many other people do each day. We just don't need all of this stuff!! I have a pile in the dining room of stuff listed on craigslist, and boxes sitting around filled with yardsale items. I will do another toy and clothing purge after the girls' birthdays, so that will be around May, and that is prime season for yardsales to start. I'm hoping to do at least one yardsale a month from May-August, and then take some leftovers to goodwill like we did last year.

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