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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick Updates in the Household...

We have a bit of snow on the ground today, just a light coating really. It really warmed up over the weekend, and Luke had another senior session booked on Saturday. She was referred from a few other seniors that Luke had done. Apparently there are still a lot of kids in her class that haven't gotten senior pictures done. They either don't care, will let the school picture get submitted, or went to a quick studio to get a headshot for the book. I figured we were done with senior sessions for the year, but we may not be.

The girls are doing well. They had a bit of a cough and runny/stuffy noses, but are doing much better. Hopefully we are done being sick for the year:)

With that senior shoot came a few last minute home improvements. We got some drywall mud on the dining room ceiling, and put primer on the trim. We also nailed down some shoe molding, and bought new curtains and hardware. Makes the room look nice, but it will look even better when it's finished.

We are planning on Lexi and Lilly visiting Nana and Papaw next month, and I am hoping that we can get some more home improvement items taken care of. We will definitely be painting the girls' closet and ceiling since they will be gone, and maybe touch up some wall paint. I would like to focus on the dining room and living room, that way they look nicer when the birthday parties start rolling around. Lexi's is in March, and Lilly in May. The kitchen seems to be a lost cause...I sometimes wish that part of the house would just fall off so we can claim it on the insurance and get a really nice one!

Right now we are trying to sort out all this photography business jargin, so we know we are as legit as a small business can be. Fun fun!

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