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Friday, January 9, 2009

Declutter/Organize Project 1: Finished Living Room

We got the living room finished up last weekend. This is as good as it gets until spring hits and all those toys can go back into the sunroom. It will be our project this year to make that sunroom as weather-proofed as possible, so hopefully next winter we can keep it open all winter. It helps open the house up so much, and it keeps the living room de-cluttered. I’m still working on finishing the bedroom, Luke’s been making a temporary office downstairs in the dining room since it’s cold and cluttered in the big office upstairs, so things have been moving around to the bedroom some.

I am also going through baby clothes containers I have stored on the top bunk in the girls’ bedroom. I have 3 large containers and 3 boxes full of clothes that are too small for the girls. I plan to keep most since we aren’t finished having kids, but there are some things I am sure I can put in the yard sale pile.

We haven’t made it to Lowe’s yet for the bathroom supplies. We need to get to my dad’s house first to get our tile saw, and then we can start that project. Hopefully next week we can start work in the bathroom.

Here are the living room "after" shots, along with the "before" shot of the bunkbeds. I'll post after pictures of the bunkbeds when I post for the bedroom after this weekend.

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