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Friday, January 16, 2009

I am crafty after all...

I dove into another craft venture Monday night. We stopped at Pat Catan’s and got a few items to start making chain necklaces with beads and crystals and pretty things. I got enough beads to make two necklaces, just to see how I did. I modeled them after a necklace Luke’s sister made and gave to Lexi over the weekend. I don’t think they came out too bad, but I have to say the most expensive part is the beads, so I think I’ll be doing some online researching to see if I can find some in bulk for cheaper. Right now it looks like each necklace cost around $6.00 to make, and would probably retail for twice that. The two I made just have silver coated chain, and the beads actually contain Swarovski crystals, along with Swarovski crystal pendants on them. I placed a bead order to make a few for gifts, and a couple for the girls. My next purchase will focus back on candle-making though. Here's a few pictures of what I made!

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