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Friday, January 16, 2009

Mini Home Improvement Projects

This week we have had below zero temperatures at night (-11.6 last night, without the wind-chill), leaving the house freezing cold. Our furnaces don’t work very well (yes we have two, since it is a duplex), so it is cheaper to heat the house with electric heaters right now. We are running everything we have, but it’s still cold. Our kitchen is blocked off by a big piece of fabric in the door, and the temperature in the kitchen now averages between 36-40 degrees Fahrenheit. We actually moved a heater in there yesterday, fearing the pipes would freeze. Today, the water to the dishwasher actually did freeze for a while. We have been doing mini weatherproofing projects around the house to try and block out any cold air we can. So far we have:

-plastic on both of our bedroom windows
-foam door to foyer in our bedroom
-plastic on both of the girls’ bedroom windows
-plastic on kitchen window
-more insulation in pantry since the drywall isn’t finished yet
-roll up fabric on floor underneath doors to stop airflow
-put a piece of drywall in the ceiling in the back staircase to stop some airflow

Needless to say, we haven’t made our trip to Lowe’s yet for the bathroom. It’s been so cold, and Luke has to fix his air compressor leak before we can get started anyways. It’s been so cold in the basement, that he has been avoiding it. Here's the drywall patch...

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