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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear City of Wooster...

I thank you for taking a little pride in the city and scheduling the annual leaf pick up so the neighbourhood yards look a little better this time of year. It is also very nice for the environment, as I know the trucks take all of the leaves to be composted, so next year I can pay $5.00 a bag for mulch that came from my own backyard. However, why do you insist on picking it up at 7:30AM!!!! I understand that the majority of people are up with full-time dayshift jobs, but not in this house...or neighbourhood for that matter. I am ready to pop this kid out, and I have two toddlers sleeping that were woken up asking "What's that?", as they heard the huge vacuum truck pass by. I am fortunate enough that Luke works from home, and can help out with them in my time of need, and as for the neighbours, most are on some kind of assistance, so they have nowhere to be that early. 9AM would have been fine, just not 7:30!'s gonna be a long day.

On another note, Halloween went well. We trick-or-treated in Burton City at Grandpa Perkins house, ate a bunch of candy, and continued eating candy on Sunday. The girls loved the princess dresses and pumpkin baskets. Still no baby, although I'm not considered full-term until Friday. My next appointment is Thursday morning. I had some throwing up and contractions on Sunday, but unless some fluid spills from my body, I feel tons of pressure, or an insane amount of pain, I plan to just hang out at the house as long as possible. Easier for the girls and myself.

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  1. hang in there! I'm rooting for the 10th!