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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Baby Today :(

Well, it's 10PM, so unless labor comes super fast and ends quickly, I don't think I will have a baby today. We didn't do too much today, and you can certainly tell by looking around. Lots of toys laying around, floors need swept, and dishes need exchanged in the dishwasher. Thankfully it's trash night, so a little bit of the mess will go thanks to Luke (as long as he remembers to take it out).

We went to some craft stores today, scoping out items for a few new crafts I've discovered online, although it looks like I may need to buy most of the supplies online, as it seems a lot of people have trouble finding some of the items locally, including myself...

So, I gotta call from the doctor's office. They left a message saying they had called in a prescription for iron at the local Rite Aid, because my bloodwork came back and I am now slightly anemic. I guess it explains the dizzy, tired, irritable spells that I go through, but the most interesting thing I found on the Internet, is that some anemic people crave ice. I've been eating ice by the tray for about a month now! Weird eh? Some people seem to think it has to do with needing oxygen since the red cell count would be low.

Back to the baby though, the next available day for labor would actually be Friday the 13th, since tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and Thursday has a few birthdays already. Hopefully I will get well rested tonight, and get some house maintenance done tomorrow. My next appointment is Thursday, and we'll see how things go.

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