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Monday, November 30, 2009

"In Goddard We Trust!!"

Or how about "Trust in Goddard!" Anyone in Northeast Ohio should know what I'm talking about! The one, the only, Fox 8 weatherman Dick Goddard!!!! He was literally 2 blocks from the house on Saturday at our local Discount Drug Mart, signing autographs and raising money for his animal causes. Drug Mart carries his calendar every year. Luke got the car tags and stopped by the store and saw that he was there and called me, so I hurried up and dressed the girls and when he got home we packed the car and went to go stand in line. We got calendars and stickers and Luke took a picture of me and the girls with him. That darn store had windows in the wrong place, and being almost 1PM, the sun was shining right on us, so our faces are all blown out from the sun, but it didn't matter, because I met Dick Goddard! I've only watched him my entire life, and my mom has watched him for like, her entire life, so it was pretty cool. To give you an idea, he is AMS Seal #45. He is an original weatherman. Just Wiki him....he is awesome :)

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