Cowgar Family Adventures

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Just got back from the doctor's appointment. NOTHING has happened! Cervix is still high and tilted back, and no dilation or effacement. So needless to say, so membrane stripping, since nothing is favorable. I will go back next Wednesday morning in the Orrville office and she will check progress and we will go from there.

It's a bit odd, since I dilated early with the other girls, but we were also going by estimated due dates. I know exactly when I ovulated for this pregnancy, so I know my due date is correct. I guess baby just needs more time to bake. Mom says Thanksgiving Day. The doctor said she normally wouldn't care, but since she is going out of town, she doesn't want to miss it, so maybe baby will wait for her and we will have a very late November/early December baby. Anything could happen though, we may not make it to Wednesday, since things can change rapidly. Dr. Laing says we won't worry about induction until after she would get back from vacation. I would be overdue by then. She said I have such easy labor and deliveries, there is no sense in forcing an induction when nothing is going on up there, so we won't go that route unless we are too far overdue and nothing has happened.

So that is where we stand so far. I guess I need to start scrubbing floors on my hands and knees and going for long walks ;)


  1. If you start going into labor on Thanksgiving, my mom would suggest drinking a wine cooler. She did that once and had the baby a couple days later instead : )

  2. I actually wouldn't mind Thanksgiving, because we don't plan on going anywhere...might as well have a baby! :)