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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jeremy's flight and My Pick!

Yesterday we had Kendra for a couple hours, and packed all the kids in the car and took off for Wayne County Airport. Jeremy (Luke's brother), got his pilot's license over the weekend, and his first passenger was his 3 year old Anne. They flew out of Skypark and met us at Wayne County for some Klondike bars, and Jeremy wanted some pictures...which of course Luke can resize for facebook, but not for my blog...

The girls had a blast though, and Lilly cried when we left. She absolutely loves airplanes. Nana found an airshow shirt that has some planes and helicopters on it, and that is all she ever wants to wear anymore besides her Halloween shirt with the ghosts on it (thanks to Aunt Angie).

As for today, well it was my pick for having this baby. The date is 11/10/09...and I believe that there are no birthdays in the immediate family on this day. Unless things get moving soon though, I don't think it will happen. Lexi was around 16 hours of labor, and Lilly was 12, so I am expecting at least 8 hours this time around. I just want labor to start after I get up in the morning, and not be in active labor overnight like with the other two. Tomorrow is Chelsea's pick, but it's Veteran's Day, and I really don' want to pop on a holiday.

I have Kendra for a few hours over lunch today, and I guess I should try to keep up with general house maintenance, so the house doesn't look completely trashed when someone comes to stay with the girls.

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