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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

Hope you have green on! School was a pain the entire day if you forgot your green. Just a quick update to say we are alive and well, and for everyone to not worry about last week. I was sick and grumpy, therefore nothing was done around the house. We are playing with play-doh, The Backyardigans are on TV, and we expect Kendra in a half hour to play for the day. All is well. Luke is off working at Jeremy's, since it's his normal Tuesday. We hope to make it outside later today, because it's supposed to be gorgeous. And besides some cough and runny nose, we are all pretty much back to normal. I have some babies and a large pile of laundry calling my name for the day.

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  1. It's good you're feeling better. We all deserve to lose our cool every now and then.