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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Wildlife Sunday

The girls and I still have the runny/stuffy nose. I just don't think it's going away. Saturday consisted of getting the house back in order from us being lazy throughout the week. We were supposed to have a photo shoot with my boy cousins on my mom's side, but they found out we were sick, and didn't want to be infected, so we rescheduled. So our Sunday was now free, and it was very nice outside. We bought a bird feeder and a bird bath, and worked on making a little nature area in the backyard that we will grow a bunch of wildflowers in.

While working at the top of the yard, Miss Lilly wandered away and by the time I looked up to realize, she was at the sidewalk in the front of the yard...clear down the driveway! I of course screamed at her in shear panic as a darted the almost 150 foot down the yard. The neighbours across the street heard me and made sure she wouldn't have ended up in the road, but she turned when she heard her name and came running back towards me. That was my first major heart-attack. I think Luke's set in later, but he didn't even realize what was going on until I was already half way to Lilly and there was no danger posing anymore. After that shake up, we packed in the car and got Starbucks for the first time in over 2 weeks (I'm so proud I had gone that long!), and decided to do some birdwatching.

We drove to our land, and down to Funk Bottoms, and out to Killbuck Marsh in Shreve. The girls had their spotting scopes, I had some binoculars, and Luke had his camera. They had a lot of fun, and Lilly took a nap. Our land had some cardinals and other birds, Funk bottoms didn't have much but some far away geese, and Shreve had some geese and a beaver. That was pretty cool! When we got back home, the girls played in the backyard for awhile.

I'll have to get pictures up of our entire wildlife area, but Monday morning we had our first visitor...a squirrel! We still haven't seen a bird on that thing, but the squirrels will climb right up the pole and get it. So here's some shots from the weekend.

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