Cowgar Family Adventures

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lexi's New Wagon

Lexi’s Nana and Papaw (my grandparents on my mother’s side) bought her a wagon for her birthday and had it shipped here (they can’t make it up for her party, they're in WV). I took a bunch of pictures of her helping Luke put it together. The girls absolutely loved it. Kendra was here as well, and all 3 of them climbed into it and wouldn’t budge to give another more room. After Kendra left, we took a quick walk around the block, and then down Hamburger Hill (aka Beall Ave.) to Arby’s for some quick dinner. It had started sprinkling, but the girls didn’t mind at all with that canopy. Lilly was really upset at first, because she wanted to get out and walk around, but after she calmed down, she enjoyed the wagon ride just as much as Alexis did. Now we need to figure out if we can fit it in our car…

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