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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A New Lens for Daddy!

Monday we took a little road trip to Cleveland. Luke’s new Minolta 100-400mm APO just didn’t impress him as much as all the talk surrounding it should have, so he sold it on e-Bay, and we went up to Dodd’s Camera in Cleveland to pick up a new Sony 70-300mm G series. They actually have to order it in, but they let him bring home their showroom sample. All we can say is “WOW!!” That thing takes phenomenal pictures. We stopped for gas and came across some seagulls in a parking lot, and then we played around outside when we got home getting some bird pics and some other miscellaneous. I cannot wait to go to the zoo or an air show. We will get fantastic pictures.

I also received some 3T summer clothes for the girls from a lady on freecycle. I have a special email address set up just for freecycle so I get all of the posts emailed to me. Sometimes you get really great deals, and today was one of them. There were really nice clothes from Old Navy, Target, The Children’s Place, and Wal-Mart in the two grocery bags I picked up. I had at least 5 full outfits, along with tons of shirts and shorts. It will really help out, since I’m pretty sure all of the 2T summer outfits I have waiting in the closet for Lilly are going to be too small for her this summer, especially while wearing cloth diapers.

A Seagull in a K-Mart parking lot.

A fluffy bird trying to keep warm in the wooded area behind our house.


Lexi getting bird seed out of the bird bath.

A picnic for dinner.

Lilly in her purple car.

An American Robin (Isn't that picture fantastic?!)

Luke stalking his prey with his new lens.

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  1. The last picture is definitely my favorite : )