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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Checkup at 16 Weeks

Today we had a normal OBGYN appointment for the new baby, one day shy of 16 weeks. Blood work is all fine, and the baby's heart rate was 152 (it was 154 last time), so that is excellent. I think I lost a couple pounds, but I attribute that to sweating to death at the airshow last weekend. Hopefully I won't gain as much weight as with the girls, since the majority of this pregnancy will be over summer, instead of winter holidays filled with cookies!

We go back in 4 weeks for another checkup, but the big news is....AN ULTRASOUND!!!! It is scheduled in 3 weeks (July 2nd), one day shy of being 19 weeks along. The girls were modest during their ultrasounds, but we can't help but be excited that we could potentially know what this little bean is.

The plan is that if we can't find out, well, then so be it. It will be just like the girls' pregnancies were. If it's for sure another girl, we will definitely let everyone know, so no one has that boy hope lingering for the rest of the pregnancy. If the tech is pretty sure it's a boy, I think I will ask for a second We will then keep quiet letting everyone know that we didn't find out, and secretly schedule one of those 3D/4D ultrasounds to get a second opinion, and after that place tells us it's a boy, I'm sure we will still tell everyone it's a girl, because we just won't believe it at all!

After having 2 girls, and Luke's brother having 4 girls, I'm pretty sure this one will be another girl. They both must have been contaminated as children, and therefore cannot produce boy swimmers. I think Lilly will be as close as I get to having a boy...but I guess we shall wait and see.


Here is the ultrasound of the baby at 7 weeks 3 days. Can't see much but a blob...

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