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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Luke's brother Jeremy and his wife Crystal decided that they would try their hands at beekeeping this year. They originally started with just two hives, but it just kind of grew and grew, and right now he actually has 7 hives, but only 5 are populated and functioning at the moment. It seems as though the other two hives up and left for someplace else.

It doesn't seem like too hard of a process, and Luke and I are considering it for out at the land. I love honey, but it's really expensive, so we don't ever buy it. We just need to get the land cleared out some before we could even dream of putting ANYTHING on it.

These pictures are early pictures of the first two hives inspections. Some of the other hives he has now are top bar hives that have windows in them, but we haven't been over recently to get any new pictures, so this is what we have for now.

Jeremy and the bees (a bit later when he braved it without the bee suit)

Close up of bees on the hive.

A bee on Jeremy's finger.

Jeremy in the bee suit checking a hive.

Disassembling the top of the hive to check the queen's status.

A bee on the camcorder I was operating!!

Smoking the bees.

The bee suit.

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