Cowgar Family Adventures

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Overview of May

May seemed to have flown by, and I didn't get any less lazy. We are planning on a busy summer, so I am working with Luke to try and get us up-to-date with this blog, and then I won't fall further behind. He still has some pictures to upload, and I still have a few posts to do for both April and May, but here are some miscellaneous pictures from the month.

We don't get too many pictures of daddy since he is the cameraman.

Lexi with a flower in the backyard.

An ant hill in the backyard.

Lexi getting ready to pollinate our backyard with dandelions.

Feeding the ducks and geese and the skating pond south of town.

Walking around the skating pond.


  1. Hi Hol - just read your blog for May and I also enjoyed your pictures - Keep it up if you can, you write with an easy and enjoyable style. Will check out the photography next. "Go Jeff"

  2. Just looked at the photography and couldn't find a place to leave a comment - I'm sure it is my oversite and not yours. Anyway, there sure is some good nature shots there, and a good variety as well. Nice shots of Jayday, and what you have of Lilly are good even if it is difficult to get them - she really has a very photogenic face so just keep trying - Grandpa

  3. Great photos, sorry about the leaks, oh well that's life. Have a great weekend. Love Grandma