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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meal Planning and House Cleaning...

We had a pretty good weekend for Father's Day...but that will be a separate post with pictures and details.

For now though, I would like to say that we didn't do too bad with our meal planning last week. Tuesday through Friday we had lunch and dinner at our house, with food from our kitchen...and honestly that is probably the longest stretch we had ever gone without eating out...with the exception that we did go to Starbucks...but I had a gift card I got from a credit card rewards thing of that doesn't count;) Saturday we were out and about and had a graduation party to attend, so that day was shot...and with Sunday being Father's Day...well that day was shot as well. Monday we had lunch at home, and had dinner at Keith and Angel's house. We hadn't seen their house since they moved in. I wish we would have put that kind of work into our house before we moved in, then we wouldn't be living in a construction zone with kids right now. We didn't get a grocery list together for Luke to do shopping last night, but there isn't a whole lot we need, so I need to come up with another meal plan for the week.

Being a Tuesday, it will be trash night tonight, so I am focusing on some much needed cleaning today. I have the dishwasher going, the living room is picked up and swept, the laundry is going, and I'm tired. I will fold some laundry here in a bit with the girls' help. When Luke gets off work, he will mow our forest outside, and hopefully we have time to pressure wash the plastic toys outside, and we need to do the sides of the house and back porch sometime as well.

I want to come up with a weekly/biweekly cleaning schedule that I can stick to. I really think that would help out, because it seems that as soon as something gets caught up, it falls apart again. I think that's all for now...time to figure out a late lunch!

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