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Monday, June 15, 2009

Recapping the Weekend

Friday we booked out to the Lodi outlet malls to look at dresses. I have this idea in my mind that when we go to Florida for the shuttle launch in August, that I want to get really pretty pictures of the girls on the beach, and also some maternity shots. I want the girls to have two dresses for pictures, I will have however many I feel the need to have for a beach shoot, and we will get Luke one or two nice beachy outfits so we can maybe get some family shots or something. We primarily went up there to hit Gap, and we found the perfect dresses, white and blue, and we also found a nice dress for me as well (black). We stopped into The Children's Place and found adorable hats that would go really well with the dresses, and they were clearance at .99 cents!!

Saturday we took pictures of the girls in there dresses, and they are over on the photo blog if you wanna take a look. We took a few pictures of me Friday night in my dress, but Luke didn't really like the lighting he was getting, but maybe I can get him to get a picture ready for this blog. We spent the majority of the day cleaning the living room and dining room, and we ran the steam vac in the living room Saturday night.

Sunday we spent the early afternoon at my dad's just hanging out on the porch and playing, and then we headed for Luke's parents so we could go swimming in the pool. Lexi has been looking forward to it all week. The girls loved it, and Lilly kept screaming "I swimming" while floating around, and Lexi was afraid to get in at first because she said she would sink! I guess we need to look into swimming lessons for her. I have no pictures, because Mr. Photog was swimming as well! We got home a bit late and once we got the girls to bed we ran the steam vac in the living room again. The floor looks awesome now, but we still need to do the rugs before the living room will be back together again.

Today is payday, and since we seem to be failing at our budget, always going over, we are going to grocery shop every week instead of once every pay period. I am busy making a grocery list and meal planning for 7 days. I have volunteered Luke to go out to Wal-Mart on Monday nights after the girls are in bed to do the shopping. It will be easier than dragging the girls through the store, and he will have a detailed list that he won't stray from. The girls aren't allowed in Wal-Mart right now anyways, because last time we went in (before the airshow) we tried putting them in the cart and they both had a meltdown, so we marched them right back out of the store and I sat in the car with them while Luke grabbed what we needed.

Anyways, it shouldn't be so hard to meal plan and stick to it when we do it on a weekly basis. We have an entire cow and half of a pig in the freezer, we just need to use it. I have dry heaving that sets in as soon as I walk in the kitchen, so we need to deep clean that kitchen really soon so I can actually get in there and make meals without getting sick. I guess it would also help if I knew how to cook and organize the kitchen properly. I want to try and do things as healthy as possible, but the budget just isn't there to back it all right now. On top of things, the girls aren't big into meat, but hopefully if we start making the meat in the freezer on a regular basis, they will start to take to it. Otherwise I don't know what they will eat!

On another note, I had a yardsale going Wednesday-Sunday. I threw everything onto the porch and made a sign that said everything was .25 cents. I advertised on Craigslist and the local yardsale yahoo group. I had Luke make a wooden box that we screwed to the porch, and just had a note that asked people to leave the money there. For not manning a yardsale for 5 days, we made $50. I still need to pack up the porch now that it is over with, and I will probably do a repeat next month, and hopefully again in August. Every little bit helps right?

I'm hoping that we can turn our focus onto the bathroom this week, but I've been saying that for months, so we will see how far we actually get. I just keep trying to convince Luke that if anyone would come into this house to get pictures done in the "studio", they would probably never come back because this place is a construction zone of half finished projects.

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