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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Po-Po Smackdown!

So, yesterday, we decided to go do a little shopping for potty prizes up in Medina. On the way back into Wooster, we notice a helicopter circling around, and at first thought life flight, but it was getting further away from the hospital. Upon reaching the house, the thing is hovering around OUR house! We stay outside and watch it...noticing now that it is a sheriff chopper. We look up our street, and of course there is a cop car there now, and tons of guys with bullet proof vest and US Marshall shirts. Wooster decided to do another drug raid. I guess they had units spread across town from all over the county.

They did this last fall when we had gotten back from the Cleveland Zoo, and we were just at the Akron Zoo over the weekend, so we are thinking if we keep going to the zoo, maybe the city will get cleaned up quicker! Last fall though, it was right outside the house, the duplex across the street was raided and there were people running everywhere!

Needless to say...we need to get rid of this house. That is twice in less than a year we've had a helicopter circling with cops running around guns drawn and all! So, everyone...feel free to volunteer to come over and help finish projects so we can put this place on the market. I have a LONG to do list!

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