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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ugh...Buy My House!

I still have a few posts to do to catch up to this upcoming weekend (we are going to Indianapolis for an airshow), but I just have to vent about today.

We've been running around trying to get things packed up, and the car needed a good cleaning, so Luke was outside picking out trash and sweeping. I meanwhile, started a load in the dishwasher, and a load in the washing machine, and came into the living room to help the girls pickup some toys. Luke comes inside and all I hear are curses. We knew we had a clog in our kitchen sink, because yesterday the water drained really big deal, we barely use the kitchen sink since we have the dishwasher, so it can wait. Well, the dishwasher and the washing machine drain into the same pipe that the kitchen sink drains into. Apparently the clog was a lot further down than we thought. The entire kitchen was flooded from the washer draining. Chris was in the basement at his reloading bench, and it started raining on him so he came up as well and ran upstairs to turn off the washing machine while I turned off the dishwasher. All of Luke's tools are on the kitchen floor because Jeremy borrowed some of them to make beehives and they never made it back to the basement.

Luke and I pailed out the overflowing sinks into the bathtub and grabbed every rag and towel we had clean to soak up the mess (I think I need some Zorbeez or ShamWow's or something). I think some of the water dripped onto the balsa wood in the basement for Luke's model airplanes, but I'm not sure if it was enough to damage anything or not.

Luke and Chris ran to Lowe's for parts and they are going to re-pipe the drain to a bigger drain that flow's right beside this one. It looks like the little bit of metal drain that was left probably collapsed on itself and clogged the drain, so right now they are downstairs working on replacing it, then it's back to car cleaning and packing! At least it happened while we were home...

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  1. Man, I may never buy a house if I keep reading your blog. But also, my base puts on an airshow every year, I believe, and I'd love if you guys came out to hang out. It should be in August or September, I think. I'll let you know as soon as I know!