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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend at the Akron Zoo

We became members of the Cleveland Zoological Society, which means we can not only get into Cleveland Zoo for free, but also the Akron Zoo...along with a big list of other zoos around the country for free or discounted admission.

On Saturday we decided to finally make it to the zoo, and had an awesome time. The girls loved walking around, and it is small and very kid friendly. The big attraction was 3 jaguar cubs that were born back in March, and I saw them better in the pictures that Luke took than I did at the zoo. There were two or three guys with huge cameras completely hogging up the glass, that even the girls couldn't get through to the glass to see them. They are only on display in the morning, so it's a madhouse around there.

We saw lots of other animals though, penguins, jellyfish, flamingos, a snow leopard, lemurs, bats, and lots more. We ate lunch at the Komodo Cafe, and took some time in the garden's so the girls could play in the foutain.

We went back Sunday morning for a few hours since we pass it to get out to Newton Falls. Would you believe the same guys with cameras were still hogging the jaguar display!!! They must live there or something. I swear if they are there the next time we go, I am going to send Lexi towards the glass with her camera and chew them out for not letting a child get through to see the exhibit!

We have some video that will be coming soon...

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