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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother's Day

I like to do something a little crafty for Mother's Day since I have kids and all, and they are too little to understand the holiday. For my mom, we hand made a card that the girls drew on. For Nana in West Virginia, they painted Dora pictures on the computer and we emailed them (they love colouring with Luke's pen tablet). For Great-Grandma Perkins, they water coloured some Dora pictures, and for me and Luke's side of the family, we pot little clay flower pots that they decorated with stickers and permanent marker, than we put some pretty flowers in them.

We spend the day with Luke's family, and our nieces made quite a few of the items on the dinner list (the oldest two are 9 and 7, so they can cook). We had a good meal and hung out for a bit and called it a day.

I got a handmade card from the nieces, a shirt and matching recycled plastic bag from Luke's mom, and Luke bought me a canning book that I had wanted.

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  1. Oh, man. I think I forgot. Happy Mama's Day!!!
    You're the coolest mom I haven't seen in years : )