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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lilly's 2nd Birthday

On May 3rd, we had Lilly's birthday party (her birthday is the 2nd), and the 3rd was also my dad's birthday. We did the exact same thing as Lexi's, meat and cheese platters, and fruit and veggie trays. We wanted to do cute invitations with pictures like we did with Alexis, but Lilly is just such a stinker, she won't sit still for a decent picture. We ended up hand writing invitations and gave them a week before the party, and 2 days before the party we got to OK pictures of her to make into wallets to give out.

Well, hardly anyone on my extended side showed up. A week in advance isn't really advance for them, so we only had Luke's side, my dad, and my Aunt and Uncle with their boys. Lilly didn't care though, it's not like she notices things like that. She received some cute outfits that she will ruin with one wear, and a few noise makers. (Thanks for the drum machine Mama and Papa Cowgar!...) All and all it was a good day.

Her pictures are up on the photo blog, along with pictures of Jayden, my Aunt's cousin. We did his photo shoot on the 2nd for a Mother's Day surprise.

Here's Lilly giving dad his birthday present, a new Star Trek Enterprise model from the new movie.

My dad with his granddaughters.

The cake!

Lilly blowing out her candle.

Aunt Taresa helping with presents.

Tearing the paper.

Lilly and her new Lightning McQueen.

Papa Cowgar and Claire.

The new drumset from Mama and Papa Cowgar. (It's LOUD!)

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