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Monday, June 1, 2009

New Baby Checkup

So...I had a doctor's appointment the beginning of May. Since we were heading into the second trimester, Dr. Laing said the risk of miscarriage decreases a lot (which we already knew), but that meant I could be off pelvic rest and continue as a normal pregnancy. The ultrasound at 7 weeks showed a little bit of blood behind the placenta, so I asked if another ultrasound would be done soon so check up on. She didn't seem to concerned, and said we will just wait until the normal 18 week ultrasound to see if it is still there, and if it is, it may present a risk for preterm labor, but other than that, we look good.

I still need to get my bloodwork done, but my next appointment isn't until June 11th, when we will be 16 weeks, and then an ultrasound soon after! We are starting to get anxious to know what we are having. I need to know whether to start buying boy and packing up the girl, or unpacking all the girl stuff. With our track record though, we probably won't find out. Lexi never showed herself, and with Lilly, the tech thought girl, but wouldn't place a bet on it. I guess our kids are just shy!

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